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3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Growing Your Own Cannabis


With cannabis gaining a lot of legal ground across the United States, you may be thinking about getting into the growth aspect of it at some point in the future. 

There are obviously a lot of upsides to the idea of growing your own weed. 

Not only can it save you money, but it can also give you a healthy, holistic alternative to buying your own product from dispensaries. 

After all, when it comes to growing your own crop, you’ll know exactly what has been sprayed on it, put into the soil, used as fertilizer, etc. 

From a health and wellness perspective, this is probably the best way to go.

Plus—who doesn’t like the idea of creating their own stash, right? 

The only downside here is that even in a landscape where cannabis is growing more legalized by the year, there are still a lot of important questions to ask yourself before taking such a leap. 

And honestly—for some people, it may just be too much work, research, and hassle. 

Let’s talk about 3 important things to ask yourself before growing your own cannabis. 

1. Do You Understand The Laws?

Understanding the legalities around growing your own cannabis is crucial. 

Don’t forget—as of right now, cannabis is still a controlled substance. 

More specifically—marijuana is still a schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act

Because of this, you can actually get yourself into quite a bit of trouble with it if you dabble in it without knowing what you’re doing—even in states where it is legal—if you don’t grow it, handle it, use it, or distribute it according to all applicable laws. 

If you understand the legalities surrounding cannabis, then you can follow those legalities to set yourself up for success when it comes to growing it. 

However, if you don’t understand them—and/or if you have very little desire to do the research and learn about it, then growing cannabis is probably something better left to the people who actually want to learn about the laws and put in that extra effort to avoid those troublesome ‘legal entanglements.’ 

2. Are You Ready To Do The Required Work? 

The idea of growing marijuana often seems like a funner, cooler, and even more affordable idea than buying it. 

However, the truth of the matter is that it’s actually a lot of work

Growing a cannabis plant involves many different steps—and will require you to spend quite a bit of money on various different types of equipment. 

If you’ve ever grown corn, beans, flowers, or tomatoes, then you probably have at least some semblance of an idea about how much work it takes to successfully plant, grow, cultivate, and harvest those products. 

Well, cannabis is a lot like that—except depending on exactly which strain you plan to grow (and how you plan to grow it), it can actually be even more work than all of those plants put together. 

This might be awesome for you! Or, you may think to yourself…

“Who needs that aggravation? I’ll just buy it…” 

3. Are You Ready To Spend A Lot Of Money? 

Setting up a growth facility for your own cannabis plants can actually cost you quite a bit. 

Of course, deciding whether you plan to grow outdoors or indoors will play a big role in exactly how much you’ll need to spend. 

But the fact remains that regardless of where you plan to grow the plants, you’ll still need some equipment and some basic supplies to help you get started. 

When you spend money on cannabis seeds, you don’t want to waste that money by not setting yourself up for success with the proper gear. 

So, asking yourself if you’re ready, willing, and able to make a budget and spend that money to get started in the cannabis game is crucial. 


If you can answer ‘yes’ to all 3 of these questions, then you may actually be ready to start growing your own cannabis. 

However, if these questions have caused you to consider that this might be too complicated, too expensive, or even too risky for you, then it’s totally understandable that you might want to rethink it.

It’s a complicated game right now. 

And honestly—it’s always important for you to do what’s best for you. 

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