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8 Tips to Look Thinner in Your Swimsuit

Want to pull off the new swimsuit you brought for this summer? But are you a bit self-conscious about your body shape/weight? Don’t worry; everyone has gained some weight during the pandemic lockdowns, So if you have some more purchasing to do, or you haven’t purchased the swimwear yet, you are lucky. The article will list the tips and tricks you can use to look slimmer in a bathing suit.

Tanning, surfing, Volleyball, etc., are a part of the beach fun. And if you aren’t wearing a swimsuit, you cannot enjoy all these activities at the beach. So, let’s dive into the fantastic tricks you can use to pull off a swimsuit and look thinner.

  1. What You Wear Matters

Everyone has a different body shape, and you must wear what suits you appropriately. As such, never run behind the trends and bikinis promoted by the actors and influencers. Instead, go online or to a store where you have plenty of options to choose from. Check different brands and sizes, and finally, buy the one that fits you perfectly.

Now, this is just a start, and you need some more tricks to look slim in that swimwear. 

  1. Dark Colours Are Great

Black and navy blue can help you look slimmer. Likewise, dark colours can give out an illusion of you looking slimmer. On the other hand, light colours will show others the exact shape of your body. Hence, if you want to spice up the setup, you may select fashion-forward silhouettes and styles.

  1. Use Cover-Ups and Wraps as Props

The cover-ups and wraps will complement your swimsuit, which will be a fantastic look. And, it would help if you bought props that match or contrast your beachwear. For example, a beach hat or the sun/floppy hat would be a perfect combination for your cover-ups. But why? When you have these props, the attention will be on them, not your body.

  1. Ruffles, Bright Solids, and Colour Blocking Are All Good

If you want to draw attention to certain parts, these designs and colours will be the right choice. Averting the eyes from (the places) where you gained weight is the best way to make an illusion of a thin figure.

  1. Splashy Prints or Small Prints

Just like the colours, small prints can make you look leaner. And big prints and designs will accentuate your body, making you look big. Hence, try polka dots, verticle lines, tiny checks, etc.

  1. Choose a Plunging Neckline

If showing off a bit of skin is okay with you, a plunging neckline will do the magic. A one-piece with a plunging neckline is the suit for you to look slimmer. How? The tight one-piece will give you a curvy look, and the plunging neckline will draw attention to it, making your bust-to-hip ratio more appealing.

  1. Ruched Fabric Is the Best

Have you gained a bit more weight in certain parts of your body? No problem, you can hide those areas with the ruched fabric. This fabric helps you streamline your silhouette and makes you look slimmer.

  1. Wear Your Hair Up

Yes, you heard it right; wearing your hair up makes your face and top part look slimmer. But, whatever swimwear you wear, the hair still makes a difference.

These tips will help you look thinner on your next beach visit with your friends. So, follow these tips and buy the swimsuits accordingly, and good luck with the next beach vacation!

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