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Best Cities to Take Your Friends for the Bachelor Party

When it’s time to party, you should never hold back, and when you are with your best buddies, there’s nothing to hold back. Bachelor parties are what you live for, and if you are the one planning the next bachelor party, you need to pick the best places in the country. There are many places/establishments with plenty of alcohol, happening places, food, dance clubs, and topless waitresses—yes, you can also hire a topless waitress in Australia, and it’s 100% legal here.

Is there anything to brighten up the bachelor party? Maybe a trip to the islands on a yacht sounds great, isn’t it? There are many things you can try in Australia, and the top cities where you can have fun are Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Nightlife is one of the top attractions in the country. Before the pandemic hit, the year 2019 saw a total of 9.4 million international visitors to the country. And the tourism industry has employed around 666,000 people as of 2019. There’s no wonder the sector contributed 3.1% ($60.8 Billion) (tourism) to the GDP of Australia in the same year.

If you calculate the market size of the nightclubs and pubs, it’s around $669 million (liquor & adult entertainment). Approximately 355 establishments across the country offer similar services, and the sector employs about 4000 people.

Now, the cities where you can have fun are:


This is the right city for crazy bachelor parties. You can party all night here and go on till the morning. You can find palaces where you just do not party but can play a game of dice, cards, and billiards. Pub-hopping is easy here as you will find several pubs nearby, and you can walk from one pub to another. Comedy clubs are a typical scene in this city, which is a great place to start the party early.


If you are looking for a bachelorette party, Brisbane is an excellent place for it. This place is famous for daily activities such as bird shooting, paintball matches, go-karting, and other sports for a fun start to the day. Exotic clubs are packed with people, and you can also watch exotic dancers with good booze, music and food.


This city is suitable for group activities, and you can start with go-karting, paintball, and other entertainment. This place is famous for two more things, strippers and topless waitresses. You can hire a topless waitress in Australia if you want to, and Sydney has a lot of agencies that offer this service. Isn’t it the most anticipated activity at a bachelor party?


This is a destination where bachelors have the most fun. This city has the reputation of having the most exciting clubs with exotic dancers/strippers in the country. This place is a famous destination for stag parties, poker games, clubs, and bars—and other adult entertainment is guaranteed every night here.

Gold Coast

This is the place for water lovers. You can enjoy the beach, waves and sunset with drinks in your hand. Surfing, beach volleyball, and other sports are popular here, so you and your friends can come prepared with lots of sunscreen and alcohol to play all day and relax at night at the beach. The beach is always crowded with people celebrating and relaxing, and you guys can meet new people here, except the groom (lol).

The abovementioned cities are the best places in Australia where you and your friends can have a lot of fun and a memorable bachelor party.

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