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Everything You Need to Know About Casinos Comps

Casino comps refer to the free services and products given to players. They can range from free drinks, fine dining options, and concert tickets to hotel stays, limo usage, and flight discounts. 

The freebies are handed out by the house and vary based on factors, including how much you bet, how frequently and for how long, how much you lose, and what games you play. Your player’s card will track the details and feed data to the casino operator.

Creating relationships and loyalty

The casino comp system helps to create a relationship and sense of loyalty between customers and a casino. There is stiff competition between casinos, and if players are made to feel special, they are more likely to play regularly. The comps players will depend on what they put in as a customer. 

Welcome bonuses when players register at an online casino can start the relationship off on a positive note. A welcome bonus gives you more money to wager, and you can improve your winnings. It can help you become acquainted with games if you’re a novice gambler. 

Hours of play and dollars spent

Casinos make much of their revenue from slot machines. Regular players will often sit and play slots for long sessions. This provides casinos with a steady income stream. 

Putting in work on the slots, even if you don’t hit any winning slots, may enable you to go up comp tiers quicker than when playing table games like poker. If you put in hours of play on slot machines, you need to figure out which casinos reward this.  

If you’re short on time, but you have a large bankroll, you should choose a casino that gives more back for what you spend.  

Different comp levels

Every casino has its own comp system. A complimentary drink may impress new players. At the next level, you receive a coupon to use at one of the on-site restaurants or cafes. Free rooms are one of the most sought-after comps. You have to really put in the time or money to qualify for free accommodation. The next step up may be having a room upgrade. 


High-rollers are those who put in plenty of hours and dollars, hoping to make a fortune. They get red carpet treatment and the best comps from casinos. This may include first-class airfares and airport transfers in limos to get them to the casino floor.

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