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How Can Golfing Help You In the World of Business – You May Be Surprised!

Do you remember the sitcoms from the 90s like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Do you remember the countless scenes when Uncle Phil, the lawyer, would be out on the golf course with a client-to-be? 

If you’re like most people who grew up in that era, you may be wondering why this image was such a common trope for businesspeople. Why do they seem to make all their deals on the golf course?

Firstly, golf is associated with success, and playing golf is linked to mental skills and concentration, both of which are needed to succeed in the world of business. So, it should stand to reason that there are many lessons that can be learned while playing golf that attract the high-flying types. 

What are those lessons, and can playing golf improve your individual business? Read on to find out.

Looking Good

Ok, so golfing attire isn’t exactly going to be seen on the fall runway for Vogue, or is it? Indeed, there are many high-end clothing brands that have delved into creating golfing attire, including Gucci and Anthem Branding, both of which made or continue to make custom golf hats. 

To succeed in the world of business, you have to dress the part, and you have to look good and professional. 

Focus and Determination

In golf, every shot requires the player to have a clear mental picture of the target and a determined effort to reach it. As well as this, the player needs to know the different tools that may be needed (club, wedge, or putter) to stand the best chance of getting the golf ball into the hole. So, you need to be prepared to change up the dynamic a bit when playing and have all the necessary tools. This same principle can be applied to business, where a clear business goal and determination can lead to success.


A bit more about preparation here; success in golf requires preparation and practice, from mastering the fundamentals to developing a strategy for each course. Business success also requires preparation and continued learning and developing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a given industry. So, there’s a nice overlap there that can be applied to many areas of running a business.


To be good at golf or a business, you need to adapt. Golf courses can be different, and conditions can change quickly, requiring players to adjust their strategy and approach. In business, the ability to adapt to change and adopt pivot strategies are crucial for success.

Honesty and Integrity

Think about it; golf requires you to hit a ball onto a green that, without binoculars, you likely won’t be able to see. Golf has strict rules, and players are expected to follow them, including calling penalties on themselves. If you’re cheating in golf by placing a fake ball on the green, that’s more than rule-breaking; it’s on par with a cardinal sin! Similarly, business success depends on a foundation of honesty and integrity, including ethical behavior and transparency in decision-making.

Sportsmanship and Teamwork

While it’s seen as a one-on-one thing, golf is often played in a team format, requiring cooperation, communication, and support from teammates. Businesses also require excellent teamwork and collaboration with others to achieve common goals, as well as a spirit of sportsmanship in competition with others.

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