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How To Protect Your Assets With Bollards

If you run a business premises, protecting your assets from any potential criminal activity or accidental damage is key – it also gives your customers peace of mind that they are safe. You can protect your assets easily with a huge range of bollards to choose from, whether you’re looking for the most durable, or something strong that will still suit your aesthetic like cast iron bollards. Read on as we take a closer look at why you should use bollards, and products that you could choose from. 

Why use bollards? 

You may have seen bollards around retail premises and in car parks and other public spaces, but have you ever wondered why they are there? Bollards come in all shapes and sizes and are mainly used to protect public premises from damage and criminal activity. They can stop cars from driving on pavements, keep pedestrians safe from cars and separate walkways and paths from traffic to keep your customers safe. Bollards can also be used in car parks to stop cars from rolling forwards into other vehicles and used as somewhere where members of the public can store bikes easily and with confidence. Here are a few of the main types of bollards that you may be familiar with.

Types of bollards 

  • Metal bollards: Standard metal bollards are some of the most popular with businesses. They are durable and can be used to prevent burglary, and crime and prevent vehicles from getting too close to the premises. They can ensure that your building is safe from accidental damage, and help to keep your customers safe, whilst also looking sleek. 
  • Concrete bollards: Concrete bollards are long-lasting, so if you want a product that is going to withstand all weather conditions, whilst also offering you enhanced security and protection from damage, one of these durable bollards could be the best option. 
  • Cast Iron bollards: These bollards work well in a modern, urban setting. They are effective when it comes to creating perimeters and providing protection to both your premises and your customers. They are strong and create a classic look. 
  • Rubber bollards: These bollards are made from recycled rubber, and can provide both durability and flexibility, whilst being able to withstand the elements. They can be used for the separation of walkways, as well as in carparks. 

Protecting your assets 

If you run a business, it is essential that you protect your assets – whether that’s the building itself that you work hard to run and maintain, cars and other vehicles in your carpark, or your customers. Bollards can help you to protect yourself and others from criminal activity as well as accidental damage. They can also act as a deterrent from criminal activity before it takes place. Here are a few of the reasons why you may choose to implement bollards around your premises. 

Enhance security 

You can keep unwanted vehicles out from the perimeter of your premises with bollards. Having bollards in place around your building means that criminals would not be able to get close to your building if they were thinking about carrying out a crime. You can also use removable bollards to section off your car parks or entrances so that others cannot gain access when you are not there. 

Create perimeters 

You can use bollards to protect your assets by creating obvious perimeters around your premises so that it is clear you are trying to prevent access to the area or ground. You can choose the best type of bollard to help you do this, whether you think a cast-iron bollard would suit your aesthetic or you’d prefer something a little more durable like a concrete bollard. 

Guide traffic 

You can manage traffic flow with bollards so that people know where they can and cannot drive. Bollards can be installed as a permanent fixture, or as a temporary measure to prevent accidents and ensure that the public is aware of where they can and cannot go in the general area. You could use rubber bollards or removable bollards for this. 

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