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It’s Google’s 25th Birthday

Google’s birthday has been an extraordinary day for every single Google employee. It is celebrated on 27 September every year to celebrate the success of Google worldwide. Google started as a small tech company that became one of the world’s most used and famous. The beginning of this company was full of struggle and surprises, but eventually, with time, it has increased its growth pace at a remarkable speed. The company was started with a mere thought by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the 90s. 

They were the two youngsters with bright minds who decided to explore their capabilities and give their best to their people. Initially, they were medical students pursuing their degree, but due to a lack of interest, they chose their passion and opted for a computer science degree. They have various plans in mind, and they know one thing for sure: if they accomplish this program, they will be on top of the world. They started their journey with a small project named”BackRub,” which later became successful and famous and is today known as ‘Google.’ In this article, we will discuss Google’s success and how Google’s 25th birthday was celebrated.

The theme of Google’s 25th birthday

Google celebrates its birthday every year on 27 September to memorize the company’s journey from its initial days to now. When Google was launched, it was just a tiny tech company. As time passed, it captured the market with its best services, and people showed immense reliability on this platform. Google is a famous worldwide search engine connecting us with the outer world. However, Google’s 25 birthday theme was ‘A walk down memory lane.’ The theme defines all the memories they have encountered from their initial days to now.

10 exciting things to know about Google

Google is one of the world’s largest companies, dramatically impacting the technical space. People use it with the intention that it is one of the most significant platforms to provide them with everything they want. Google is like a magic pot for commoners; they’ll get the exact answer whenever they ask a question. Google is one of the biggest platforms providing unemployment to millions worldwide. However, here are some interesting facts about Google.

  1. The founders of Google have named it quite cleverly as it represents a mathematical expression meaning the number 1 followed by a hundred zeros.
  2. The first Google House was set up in 1998 in Menlo Park, California, which Susan Wojcicki initially owned. She was a famous personality and later became the CEO of YouTube, another platform designed by Google.
  3. Google started a tradition of a complete environment in its initial days, and it’s still happening.
  4. Google was authorized as an app on 15 September 1997, but they decided to wait and advertise it, and in September 1998, they finally launched it.
  5. The initial name of Google was BankRub, but later on, when it gained popularity, they decided to change its name to a much more fascinating term.
  6. Google is a search engine that helps interconnect the famous World Wide Web in order of automation.
  7. It is heard that the founders of Google, Sergey Bin and Larry Page, disagreed with each other’s ideas, resulting in disagreement between parties.
  8. The Goggles is also the company that introduced the first company dog, Yoshka. He was an essential part of this company. He passed away in 2011, but his memories are still intact in the hearts of people. However, even a café is opened in memory of the dog, known as ‘Yoshka’s Café.’
  9. Google provides scholarships and jobs to students who are remarkably good in academics.
  10.   Google posted their first tweet in a binary code, later translated as ‘I’m feeling lucky.’

 Since the launch of Google, it has implemented various logo designs today, known as Google Doodle. However, even today, the reason behind the launching of Google is the same. It provides all kinds of information to its users and ensures universal accessibility. Google is a platform that makes people’s lives and daily activities much more accessible. At the moment, billions of people rely on Google to get the attention to their questions. Moreover, it connects people with the issues around us and provides vast work, play, and search facilities. 

Birth of Google Android and YouTube

We all have just expected Google to be the search engine, but in reality, it is above our expectations, and we have been providing various other services to their users. Google has launched its Android smartphones with the best features. It was established in 2005 and is the starting of Google Talk. Then later, in 200, found YouTube, w, which became the first on video app. The hype on YouTube increased gradually. However, Google didn’t continue there only. They launched an online advertising software in 2007 named DoubleClick. The growth of Google was rapid and continuous, and they have proved themselves in every step of technology. 

In 2008. They launched their first Android phone, T- mobile G1, and they established the Chrome web browser. The growth of Google has been visible in the products and applications they have found in recent years. 


 Google has celebrated its 25th birthday to celebrate the special doodle. They want to remember the day two doctoral students decided to launch a tech company, which tends to be the most famous company worldwide. Everyone knows what Google is and how it has played an essential role in everyone’s life. This company is more than just a search engine. The constant hard work of employees and officials made Google a top company. It helps people as search engines, provides employment to billions of people, and fulfils their dreams. If we look back at that small tech company, we will get to know the transformation and creativity of its owners.

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