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Serving in Platter: What You Need To Know

Fancy plates are a great way to serve a meal. They are like a plate but with more personality. You can use these for basically any kind of food; even if your food is small, you can still put it on a fancy plate and make it look good! The best types of food to put on a platter comes in big pieces that you might want to share with others (like sandwiches).

What plate to choose for what dishes

A platter is a dish that serves multiple purposes. It can be used as a serving plate, a decorative piece, or even an artistic element in your next meal. They are also used in restaurants and catering businesses to serve food.

When you are hosting a dinner party, deciding what kind of plate to choose can take time. Here’s a quick guide:

  • You do not have to use the same type of plate every time—it is fun to switch it up! For example, one week, you could use a bowl; another week, you could use an apple tray.
  • Plates are not just for eating—they can also be used as decorations! Just put them somewhere so that people will see them (like on top of your fridge), then watch how impressed they are when they notice it is not just an ordinary plate but an ordinary plate with something special written on the bottom: “Happy Birthday!”
  • Choose a wooden board or cutting board if you are serving a salad. A wooden board will give the salad an organic feel and make it easier for guests to help themselves. A cutting board will make it easier for your knife skills to shine!
  • For pulled pork or ribs, go for a plastic plate. This will prevent the meat from sticking and keep it from getting cold as quickly as if done on metal or glass.
  • If you are serving sandwiches, go for metal or glass. Metal will be sturdier than glass, but glass is much prettier! If you want something in the middle, try using glass over metal so that the sandwiches don’t get soggy while they sit out in the sun all day long!
  • Round Shape: Round plates are perfect for serving salads or dishes that don’t need to be arranged in neat rows. They’re also great for displaying flowers or fruit at dinner parties!
  • Square Shape: Square plates are great for serving up large amounts of food at once without taking up too much space on your table. Caterers often use these because they offer more surface area than round plates without taking up too much room on smaller tables like in many homes.
  • Rectangular Shape: Rectangular plates are ideal for serving meat dishes like roast beef or chicken breast because they give your guests plenty of room to cut their food into slices before serving themselves without having to worry about running out of space on their plates or cutting boards 


They are a great way to serve your food, but making a statement with your serving ware is also fun. The best part about using plates is that they allow you to show off the beauty of your food and will enable you to mix and match different dishes on one plate. You can even use them as decorative pieces in your home!

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