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Social Media Listening: A Must-Have Tool for Brands

With two social media listening platforms under one roof, NetBase Quid works seamlessly to provide world-class social analytics insights for brands and marketing teams. NetBase Quid empowers you to make smarter business decisions with real-time data streaming in from the social web, giving you unfettered access to consumer conversations, sentiment analysis and more.

It leverages the power of social listening to collect unstructured data from the social web, process it into structured data and deliver in-depth consumer insights. The platform’s real-time analysis capabilities allow you to pinpoint consumer sentiment on key business initiatives and respond to real-time brand crises. NetBase Quid offers prebuilt connectors for more than 120 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

NetBase Quid is a software application that integrates with your existing applications. This allows you to expand your business intelligence (BI) capabilities by joining NetBase Quid with your business intelligence tools such as SAS or Tableau. NetBase Quid’s easy-to-use interface allows you to join the platform to your existing applications in minutes.

Social Media Listening Tools

NetBase Quid is fully scalable for all sizes of enterprises, with large and mid-sized businesses benefitting from the social listening platform’s easily customizable features. By leveraging NetBase Quid’s flexibility, you can set up custom alerts to keep track of consumer conversations about a new product introduction or breaking news story. NetBase Quid is also fully compatible with Tableau and SAS analytics programs, which allows you to combine NetBase Quid social insights with other BI data into one single source of data – your BI tool.

With NetBase Quid’s real-time and prescriptive social listening tools, you can identify key messages consumers are discussing online and monitor sentiment trends related to your brand. By monitoring real-time sentiment data, you can quickly take appropriate action to respond to influencers, ensuring that when consumers are talking about your brand they are doing so in an uptempo way. With the NetBase Quid player, you can watch social conversations unfold in real-time on a dashboard and make sure your team is monitoring key trends to ensure a positive image of your business. The system also enables you to record detailed conversations between consumers that may be of interest for further research or study. With NetBase Quid, you can also monitor competitor activity to see what consumers are saying about your competitors and determine appropriate responses.

NetBase Quid’s real-time social analytics tools pack powerful analytic capabilities that deliver real-time insights into consumer conversations. By monitoring consumer conversations, you can gain insights into consumer mindset and response to your marketing efforts – leading to better marketing decisions across the board. The platform offers powerful analytics tools such as key message monitoring, sentiment mining and scoring and response time analysis. NetBase Quid also provides prebuilt consumer segments for different customer groups, allowing marketers to deliver targeted messages that address their specific needs. NetBase Quid’s sentiment mining capabilities give you access to sentiment data on any topic, allowing you to learn which topics are getting the most consumer attention.

Social Listening Platform Benefits

Because NetBase Quid is a social media listening platform, it offers brands a number of benefits. Among them:

Businesses can monitor consumer discussions during product development, marketing and advertising efforts, crises and more. Monitoring consumer conversations through NetBase Quid offers businesses a wealth of information about the needs and wants of their customers. Brands can join the social listening platform to keep track of consumer conversations about their brand or competitors’ brands, identifying opportunities for market expansion or product improvement.

By joining the NetBase Quid platform, businesses can take full advantage of social media listening tools including WordCloud analysis, sentiment and keyword extraction, real-time key message scoring, status update monitoring and more. Social media listening platforms allow businesses to stay on top of what consumers are discussing as they share their opinions about a brand in real time. As users share their thoughts online by directly interacting with social media sites, companies can watch how consumers respond to their messages or activities. Businesses benefit from monitoring consumer conversations about specific topics that are important to the brand – such as a new product line launch or upcoming holiday season promotion.

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