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Suitable Window Options

If you have just constructed a house or are thinking about remodelling your old one, windows and doors are the real deal breaker. Remodelling doors and windows can completely rev up the overall aesthetic of the house. This article has narrowed down two of the best options for you: casement windows and tilt and turn windows

Casement windows can either be attached in a way that opens from bottom to top or on the sides so that you can open the panes outward. The tilt-and-turn unit is exactly what it sounds like. You can tilt the window to either open fully inwards or tilt it at the bottom, allowing for the initiation of angled ventilation in the room. 

Choice of window systems

1 Suitability 

In the case of casement-style windows, you have no worries about suitability as they gel well with the entire house. Your house can be either themed in Victorian style with a terrace or a contemporary modern design. Tilt and turn windows are better suited for rooms and houses with open space, and you can attach them to your balconies or terraces for better use. 

2 Ventilation 

Both casement windows and tilt-and-turn units provide your house with the best ventilation according to your convenience. For casement windows, you can adjust the intensity of the breeze flowing in and slide the panes accordingly. Regarding options like tilt and turn windows, you can adjust them by tilting the window vertically to enjoy the cool summer breeze. These windows are also ideal for winter since you can limit the airflow without freezing inside your house.

3 Positioning 

Casement windows are great for inward openings if you wish to crop up a small garden on the adjacent balcony. The tilt-and turn units need to be well thought out concerning their positioning before you purchase them. As far as the tilting movement is concerned, you might need to shift your furniture around accordingly. These can be perfectly installed in a place with an open space, preferably outdoor spaces like terraces and balconies. 

4 Size 

The size of a casement window is supposed to be limited because the frame needs to support the glass weight as it opens outward. If you want a larger window size than the standard ones, tilt and turn windows would be ideal, as they are available in multiple custom-made sizes according to your suitability.

5 Security 

The safety and security of a home are of utmost necessity because a home is a place for your loved ones. This is why you should always consider the safety factor while purchasing any windows for your house. Casement windows provide the best safety, but you must get your locks. You can adjust your lock security according to your needs. 

Tilt-and-turn units come with built-in locks, which are quite the best, with a multi-point locking system and a 3-point opening system. It is the ideal choice for families with children and pets as there is no chance of crawling or getting away with these. 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately the final decision is yours. You must determine whether a casement window will be more suitable for your housing needs or whether you would need a tilt-and-turn unit. Despite your choice, both these options are great for any conditions, so you’d be making a pretty good decision going with either of these two listed above! 

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