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Hiber Raises $15 Million to Publish the Latest User-Generated Games

Hiber is known to raise $15 million to help publish user-generated games for web and mobile devices as per Dean Takahashi. This Sweden-based company has made it easy to launch the latest games. It focuses on a connected device, user entertainment and effective use of AI. hiber 15m series eqt 20mtakahashiventurebeat.

CEO of Hiber, Michael Yngfors, commented in an interview with GamesBeat that the company allows the game users to create and have a real-time experience through the 3D games. It is a new way to communicate with other players with heightened experience. In contrast to Roblox, the game creators on Hiber use a mobile device to create the games without prior programming knowledge.

Yngfors further added that they focus on small details like pet memorials and having a library than enhancing the interactive experience of the games. Hiber mainly focuses on introducing self-expression in the new emerging games, having a creative medium and passion for expressing differently.

Hiber users have been exposed to interactive experiences related to memorials, personal messages, game content, challenges and new creations that are up every month on the game interfaces. Yngfors also want to introduce the gaming platform’s latest features for old and adult players.

Introducing a new round

EQT Ventures led the round, and their partners Lars Jornow is soon to join the board of directors. He is to join Eros Resmini, the former chief marketing officer and co-founder of Discord, who has joined Hiber. Other companies to join the round are CMT digital, Luminar Ventures, Sybo, Konvoy Ventures, and Bumble Ventures. 

How does the gaming platform work?

The app works on the Android platform, and Roblox and Microsoft’s Minecraft are cited as competitors. With the launch of Hiber, there has been the use of WebGL, WebAssembly, HTML5 and others with increasing demand for the use of the platform.

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