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Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness in the Classroom

A classroom is a place where lots of new and beneficial things always happen. Students study various things in the classroom and utilize those learning to enhance him/her to achieve more in their academic and personal life. These days teachers are putting their complete efforts to teach students in all the possible ways and give them knowledge more than their academic limits which enhance students in their academic and social life also. They leave no stone unturned in order to give them proper knowledge whether they teach online or offline. When they teach online, even at that time teachers try to provide solutions to all the doubts of the students. Apart from this there is a lot which is done by mentors and teachers but goes unnoticed by the students. But still teachers don’t stop giving their 100% in order to teach students as much as they can and simultaneously students also put in their complete effort in order to grasp those teachings and topics taught by their mentors and tutors. Apart from these things students need to have mindfulness. Teaching mindfulness in a classroom is a necessity these days. It is so because these days kids are anxious and are stressed too due to the burden of such a heavy learning pattern and course material. We are living a hectic life and we almost forget everything in this running life schedule therefore we need mindfulness. It is so, because it teaches human beings to live in the present and enjoy everything in front of us instead of getting tangled in the past or any other thing.

It is said that whenever a child feels safe, comfortable and relaxed then he or she learns the best. Mindfulness proves to be the best tool for the lifetime for the students in his/her academic life and personal life also ahead. So, let’s understand the ways to cultivate mindfulness in the classroom:

  • We all have a tendency that whenever we are stressed or under anxiety attack then we breathe fast and breathe-in or out very small amounts of air. Even Yoga says that when we breathe deeply till belly’s bottom and exhale in the same way then it keeps the mind and body in equilibrium and keeps mind at peace. This can be done best when it is done in Padmasana. A tutor can teach this to the students in the best way by doing it himself in front of them and then by making them do the same. This can be done whenever kids feel problems concentrating on studies and they feel anxious also.
  • Some physical methods are also very useful for the students in order to make kids focus and feel relaxed and cool. Music has been proved as the best method to keep mind focused and keep it in a balanced state. So, for complete mindfulness teachers can play sweet and calm music for the students which can relax the mind of kids. Sometimes teachers can also take kids outdoors to introduce them to the sound of nature, birds chirping, flow of water etc. These sounds take the mind to the next level of calm and mindfulness.
  • Mind is like a magician’s crystal ball of magician so it can do anything just one needs to guide the mind accordingly. Hence, this creativity and imagination is needed by students and kids to get the calm of mind and so that they can achieve mindfulness also easily. For this, teachers need to make the students imagine. For example whenever an English teacher is telling a good story in the class then he should try to make students close their eyes for a few seconds If they are comfortable with and make them imagine the incidents of the story and end this process with deep breaths. In this way anytime while teaching as a tutor one can take their students anywhere through imagination and kids like this like game too.
  • An individual can achieve anything he or she wants, just he/she needs to direct his or her energy through the right channel. Human tendency is to move always and can’t sit quiet at all but this movement can also be used to attain mindfulness. Following our ancestors’ tutors can induce yoga and meditation as movements to attain mindfulness because these movements of the body and mind bring calm and mindfulness in the proper way.
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