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What is Y2mate, and how does it work?

Y2mate app was launched in 2016 with a motive to provide ad-free YouTube videos to its audience. YouTube is one of the most famous apps, and it is the favourite platform of every age group, whether old or young. However, the reason behind this popularity is that you will find all kinds of content here, which ranges from YouTube videos to education-related videos. However, we often want to download a video to watch it later or offline, but YouTube doesn’t support this option. A large number of videos are licensed, and they can’t be downloaded. 

However, one of the saddest parts of this platform is that it gives unnecessary ads and pop-ups while playing videos, which eventually needs more interest. Therefore, at this moment, you often think of having a platform that will help you download all your favourites offline without any hindrance. You can download YouTube videos with the help of the y2mate app. It is a handy and easy-to-use app.

y2mate app

What is y2mate and how safe is it?

Y2mate is a great app, but we often need help trusting any app as it can be spam, and we can even lose our data. y2mate is a genuine app. The best part is that you do not have to wait for any ad to complete. You can download your favourite video from YouTube straight away.

Overall, it is a safe app, but some viruses may occur while downloading it, so you must look after all the ads attentively. Simply put, y2mate shows some advertisements that are often redirected to malicious sites, which can data theft from system. Though y2mate is safe, this app contains a known virus, Y2mate.com.virus, which can hack all your information. Even if you still do not want to click on these ads, there are times when you click on them by mistake and your system will automatically be affected by this. 

How is y2mate not safe?

Some features talk about the safety of y2mate, but there still needs to be some clarification about whether it is safe. Moreover, another reason that makes the Y2mate unsafe is that whenever you download some video, there is a chance that all your data will be affected by clicking. So, if you choose the Y2mate app, you should use it at your risk.

y2mate app

How to safely download YouTube videos from y2mate?

As we already know, everything has its benefits and disadvantages. In the same way, mate 2 is a safe app, though there are some threats you need to overcome while using this app. This is to provide you with advice beforehand so that you do not have to face any issues and all your videos can be downloaded without harming information. Moreover, some websites are visible on the screen that tell you that your system is infected and that using this app will prevent you from fraud but in reality, these apps are fraud only. Sometimes, people believe and download these apps; hence, all the personal information is transferred to the hacker’s account. 

How to remove the y2mate virus?

As we have already discussed, the y2mate app is a safe app to some extent, but there are some situations when it fails to protect its users. The reason for all the threats is the ads and pop-ups on the screen, which harm your PC and Android. However, we can prevent ourselves from this virus by browsing the web in below given two ways:

Manual Y2mate removal

Manual Y2mate removal is an excellent option for those with good computer knowledge who can handle it nicely. This way is relatively easy and can be done by anyone. All you have to do is start accessing all the necessary apps on your system and then, later on, uninstall them. Then, reset the web browser from the settings so that it won’t be able to affect it, as it also affects the browser. Once all this is done, click on the mute notification so that it does not interfere with the browsing process. 

y2mate app

You can even make other changes according to your system so that the Y2mate virus.com will not be transferred to your other apps. Moreover, some software, such as Reimage, helps repair PCs. People widely use it to prevent our system from getting affected by adware or malware. Moreover, even browsing extensions are helpful in this situation.

Using anti-spyware

Spyware is software that helps hackers retrieve all the necessary data from someone else’s computer without being detected. This is another beneficial way to deal with the Y2mate virus.com. It detects all the viruses in your system and effectively removes them quickly. Most of the time, it is observed that malware still affects the computer system without the user’s knowledge, even if it is a quick way to protect all your data, including details like bank account numbers, account passwords, etc.

If you think you can find out about the breaking of malware installation in your system, you’re mistaken. The user does need to notice it. All your data will get hacked once you click on any ad or pop-up. If you want to protect your system, you can download the anti-spyware app and search for all the unnecessary and damaged apps. Once you find them, uninstall them quickly. 

Alternative YouTube download option

We all want something through which we can download our YouTube videos without any hurdles. But if you want to avoid downloading something that can eventually threaten your system, you can use other various apps instead of Y2mate. However, those apps are Online Video Converters. It is a great app that makes it easy to download your YouTube video. All you need is the link to your YouTube video, and you are ready to download it. Moreover, some of the other alternatives are:

  • Clip converter
  • Bite downloader
  • SaveFrom.net

All the above-provided alternatives are great for downloading YouTube as they are reliable and can be used anytime and anywhere. However, it is still necessary for you to take proper measures, such as not accepting cookies as They can also redirect you to malware and adware. So, you always look after all the options carefully to prevent any virus.

How to disable y2mate notifications?

In case you are using more than one browser and you wish to disable the notifications of y2mate, you need to disable it from all the browsers. The process of disabling the notification can vary from browser to browser. Let’s have a look at the y2ate notification disabling process for safari and google chrome: 

Safari  Browser


  • Click on the Safari icon in your device to open the browser. 
  • Press “preferences” and then “website”.
  • You will see the sidebar, slide down on it and click on the “Notification” option. 
  • Choose “y2mate” and press the “Remove” option. 

Google Chrome 

  • Go to the chrome browser on your device. 
  • Press “Preferences” then “Security and Privacy” and then “Site setting”.
  • Scroll down and find “Notification” and press it. 
  • You will find the option “Allowed to send notifications” and press on 3 dots near the y2mate and click “remove”. 


As we have discussed all the necessary details about the Y2mate, it is concluded that it Is not a 100% safe app. Even if it is pretty quick, easy to use and reliable, it is still necessary for you not to trust this app unquestioningly. There are various other alternatives that you can use to download your YouTube video in place of Y2mate such as Clipcovertor, Bitdownloader, and Online Video Convertor.  

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