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What Should You Add to a Wedding Registry?

Gifts are symbolic of love and affection that form an integral part of relationships. Be it a birthday, a housewarming function or a big event like a wedding; gifts inevitably get everyone excited! While many assume that the sentiment or the effort one puts into buying a gift is more precious than the gifts themselves, it is always a little disheartening to receive something meaningless and useless!

This is where a wedding registry on a good platform can effectively come to everyone’s rescue. A gift registry is a list of gift preferences selected by the recipient to give an idea to the guests about what to give. Thus, both the guests and the hosts will be at an advantage without needing to return the items or re-gift the same to someone else.

Nevertheless, it is also a fun activity for the new couple to sit and decide upon the gifts that add actual functional value to their lives. It also lifts the pressure valve on the guests, who are often overwhelmed by the pressure of the gift-giving norms.  

As the couple will be sharing a household after marriage, listing the things that have utilitarian value can be an excellent idea for a wedding registry. Cookware, dining sets, coffee makers, etc., qualify as solid additions to the list. 

Ideas for the Wedding Registry

1 Kitchenware

The kitchen is where the couple spends a good deal of time on an ordinary day making coffee, baking a cake, or arranging a potluck lunch or dinner. When setting up a new household, the kitchen is the one place that needs all the necessary cooking equipment to begin the new journey without any hiccups. The registry can include gifts for one’s kitchen: a coffee-making machine, ovens, stainless steel cookware sets, juicers, stoves, etc. 

2 Bedroom Essentials

The next important item on the registry should be bedroom essentials. For the summer mornings and cosy winter nights, think about whether you have enough quilts, throws, and blankets to brace yourselves through the seasonal highs and lows. If there is something you may need, jot that down on the list immediately. Some items that are reasonable to add under this category include mattresses for a comfortable sleep, bed sheets and quilts to stay warm, pillow sets to snuggle with, carpets, decorative mirrors, curtains, and scented candles.

3 Bathroom Items

Bathroom essentials can go into the gift registry next. A lot goes into setting up a complete bathroom. Things that are relevant for you to add under this category are hair dryers, mini sensor mirrors, bath essentials sets, tissue rolls, soaps, dispensers, a bath runner, bathrobes, guest towels etc.  

4 Outdoor Essentials

The couple can also list some outdoor essentials in the gift registry. The COVID pandemic has enabled you to explore your backyard and turn it into a legit space for outdoor gatherings and family indulgences. To ease into turning your backyard into a beautiful patio space, you may include a dining table set, a picnic basket, a tool kit, and a rope hammock.

Final Thoughts

Curating a gift registry can be fascinating as the couple can understand each other’s likes clearly and design their home accordingly. The guests are also spared the social pressure to binge-walk through multiple stores, taking mental notes on what the engaged couple might need. Simplify the process for everyone by preparing a wedding registry now!

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