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What to use and what not to use while promoting an Instagram page in 2023

Time goes by and trends for social media promotion are changing as well – not so long ago people were using commenting and activity chats and today these two are barely effective. Why though? Maybe you’ve thought the other way, but in this article we’re going to discuss the main do’s and don’ts for the promo in 2023. We will also tell a bit about the chance to buy Instagram followers for your page and about how that can boost you in the beginning or when you’re having difficulties getting on a new popularity level.

What not to do

In 2022 and 2023 don’t use activity chats, commenting and mass following or liking. This is a way nowhere – why so we’re going to explain further.

You see, you surely need a mask for your profile in the very beginning, you do need that sweet illusion of success and love to assure other people that your content is worth checking out. However, using these methods won’t get you anywhere, because a) they take too much of your spare time and give minimal results b) these put your profile in a dangerous position c) these are not permanent and will give a kickback to the place you’ve been at the start no matter what you do. When you’re using those tools, you’re basically applying more to content creators than to the audience that might be interested in what you’re putting forward, and these people are interested in a favor in return only. As soon as they get it, they unsubscribe and make your profile go down in a blink of an eye. Nobody needs that.

What to do

Instead of using free promotional methods that don’t work you can use cheap and a little bit more expensive ones that work. If you’re not here to invest straight away, you can start by using a chance to buy Instagram followers cheap from a website that would give you an opportunity to take on real subs per adequate cost. For example, from Viplikes or Soclikes – they are selling bundles of subs that will come to you thanks to actual users of Instagram. These two websites never exploit bots because they understand the danger that this action might bring and also give 24/7 tech support and auto refills. Sounds like a gift, isn’t it?

Plus, after you’ve bought a base of followers on a website like this, you can reach out to bloggers who have approximately the same number of subs as you do and collab with them to showcase your content to people who are interested (choose bloggers from your or neighboring niches). This way both of you would be able to exchange and expand the audiences you have and form a bond for future collaborations which is quite helpful as well. 

And when you’re ready you can launch a targeted ad, but don’t make the audience reach too wide from the starting point. First test out the settings for the ad, make sure that you’ve tickled all the spheres of interests that your potential viewers might have. Check how it goes and then gradually make your ad reach more people; don’t forget about the other promotional methods that we’ve listed above, launching targeted ads doesn’t mean that you should forget about all the other options out there. Combining them altogether will bring the best results ever in the shortest time period ever. 

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