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Workbenches – 5 tips for decorating your workbench

Setting up a workbench is the first step in establishing your home workshop. When you set out to decorate, think about what kind of space will best serve you. Consider researching how other people have decorated their own spaces or search for ideas online. Here are some tips for creating organised and functional workbenches:

Workbenches are as individual as their owners.

Workbenches are as individual as their owners, and the best workbenches reflect your personality and taste. You can make them look however you want with imagination and creativity.

You might choose a sleek, modern design or an old-school industrial vibe to match your style. The possibilities are endless!

For example, if you like working with wood, you could use wood planks on top of your bench to resemble a traditional carpentry shop floor. Or if you’re more into computers and technology, perhaps some neon lights would be more appropriate?

Incorporate your favourite colours into your benchtop.

If you have a favourite colour, use it. A bench is a great place to express your personality, so pick something you’ll be happy looking at every day. If you’re more concerned with function than aesthetics and want something easy to clean up, consider using a neutral colour such as white or black.

A word of caution: Make sure the colour is compatible with other furniture in your home and won’t fade over time from exposure to light (especially the sun).

Add a chalkboard to jot down notes.

Chalkboards are great for workbenches because they allow you to jot down notes and ideas as you work. You can use them for reminders, such as “remember to pick up milk,” or for ideas for future projects, like “I want to make some new furniture from old pallets.” They’re also great if you have a coworker who likes to write messages on your walls.

Install pegboards to access small tools and other items you often need.

Pegboards are a great way to organise tools and other items you need often. Not only can they be installed on the wall, but they can also be attached under the workbench top for easy access when working. These are great for tools that don’t have hooks or hanging spots, such as wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers.

A workbench is a great place to display collections of items you enjoy.

A workbench is a great place to display collections of items you enjoy.

For example, if you have a collection of tools, place them on your workbench. If you like working with wood and building cabinets or furniture, hang up some pictures of your latest project. Or, if you’re more into photography, hang up some photos of family members and friends—or even your pets!

Your workspace can be functional, organised and fun.

Your workbench can be functional, organised and fun. Workbenches are great places to display collections of items you enjoy. For example, I have a large collection of photographs that I like to display in my workshop and home office.

But a good workbench is also essential for those who want to create that perfect space for their business or hobby. With simple tips, your workspace can be just as personalised as the rest of your home!


A workbench is a great place to display collections of items you enjoy. Whether it’s tools or plants, books or magazines, your workbench should reflect who you are and what matters most to you. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even pretty—just functional! With these tips in mind, your next project may go smoothly so you can enjoy creating something beautiful at home with loved ones nearby.

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